Quantum Whale technology has been acquired by AlterNET Software.

Our mission

We develop state-of-the-art .NET components and controls. Coming from strong component and controls development background we're focusing on delivery user interface components helping our customers to build feature-rich and flexible applications.

Our products

Advanced syntax code editor allowing integration of a highly flexible text edit control into your .NET application.
Available in WinForms and WPF editions.
Component library designed to integrate NET Framework script engine into applications, execute and debug code at run time.
Component library providing set of calendar and scheduling features similar to ones that can be found in Microsoft Outlook.

Our support

Being software developers ourselves we appreciate difficulties in developing complex user interfaces by others. And no matter how good a product might be, it still requires supporting it. We're committed to provide technical support to our customers to help them successfully completing their solutions.

"We absolutely LOVE your product! We used your Qwhale code editor as the main component in our Teradata query tool. We currently have about 500 users around the world using our product and many of the customers are Fortune 500 companies! We have received very positive feedback and we could not have done it without your product. In addition, the few times we have e-mailed you, you have been very helpful! ..."

Eric Rivard