Here is what our customers have to say about our product and services:

"This message is just to let you know that an Android game made with my IDE (and using your awesome syntax editor control) has got to be the App of the year according to the UK magazine "The Sun". The game is called New Star Soccer and has been over Angry Birds on sales for more than a month, which is something great for the game authors which happens to be very happy with the IDE I developed using your control."

Manel Ibáñez

"I wish your new company much success and hope it will exist for many years. It is not only valuable that there exist good components, but the level of support is what makes it invaluable !"

Mark Alberts

"First let me say that the Editor.NET component is very nicely done with good introductory documentation (which is rare). Thanks for providing such a great component at a bargain price."

Zac S. Morris

"I just wanted to say how impressed and how happy I am with your Editor.NET product. I have been looking for a specialized editor for weeks now but couldn't find anything to give me all the features I wanted. I resigned myself to writing my own but was honestly a little daunted by the amount of things I would need to write (outlining, syntax highlighting, auto indenting, etc). I began a search for C# controls that could help me get a bit ahead of the game. I found Editor.NET and after seeing the examples I knew it was exactly what I wanted and needed. I am a week into development and have already implemented most of the features I wanted form my editor.Thanks for designing a great library and putting it out there at such a fair price.Keep up the good work!"

Norm Penrod

"Thanks for all your help Dmitry - your support on this has been fantastic. We have just shown our client the application we have embedded your control in and they love it! Keep up the good work - I look forward to seeing this control develop over the years."

Matt Gardner

"After an extensive search for an editor component to include in our applications, we decided upon Editor.NET. It has proven to be an exceptionally flexible and useful component for our applications plus the customer support has been outstanding. If you want to add editing capabilities to your application, this is the way to go."

Paul Martin

"I hope you are doing well! We absolutely LOVE your product! We used your Qwhale code editor as the main component in our Teradata query tool. We currently have about 500 users around the world using our product and many of the customers are Fortune 500 companies! We have received very positive feedback and we could not have done it without your product. In addition, the few times we have e-mailed you, you have been very helpful! If you ever need an endorsement or reference, please feel free to ask us!"

Eric Rivard

"I figured it would take a day or two to get it working but this control is amazing. 20 minutes in and I had it working great. My goal was to add my own language which I had planned on taking weeks to implement in the editor but your guide walks me through it. This is the best control I have ever purchased."

Jim Fallin