Scripter.NET Features

Support for C#, VB.NET and JScript.NET scripts.
Use ScriptRun.Language property to specify scripting engine to use.
Adding objects to the script.
It's possible to add .NET object of types declared in the calling assembly and access properties and methods of these objects from the script.
Resource processing.
Scripter.NET supports loading resx files providing a way to access application-defined resources.
Adding units to script.
Scripter.NET allows to load scripts declared in another units from the script being currently executed. Special word "using" can be used witin the script. Scripter.NET pre-process the script before executing and loads all referenced scripts.
Full Debug Support.
Scripter.NET allows to debug script code, the following features are supported:
  • Debugging in separate process of application-independent scripts.
  • Debugging in the same process with ability to access application-specific objects from the script.
  • Debugging single script and project containing multiple source files.
  • Support for Start/Stop commands.
  • Step by step execution, including ability to debug nested functions.
  • Breakpoints.
  • Expression evaluation.
  • Watches and local variables evaluation.
  • Call stack evaluation.


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