Syntax parsing

Editor.NET comes with parsers supporting complete syntax analysis.

Such parsers perform syntax analysis of the text being edited by SyntaxEdit control and create abstract syntax tree out of it which is used to provide features like code completion, smart formatting, code outlining and highlighting of incorrect syntax.

Complete syntax parsing is supported for .NET languages such as C#, VB J# and JScript.NET, as well as for VB Script, JavaScript , Ansi-C, SQL and XML.

Linking SyntaxEdit control to one of these parsers by setting Lexer property allows to have all cool features of Visual Studio.NET editor, like completing variables, method parameters, code outlining, smart formatting when pressing close brace ("}"), and erroneous syntax highlighting.

Syntax parsing can be configured to be performed in a separate thread, preventing main thread from being blocked during syntax analysis.

.NET Syntax Parsing

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