Miscellaneous options

White-space display

It is sometimes desirable for the user to see the symbols that influence the layout of the text that are normally invisible.These symbols include spaces, tabs, end-of-line, and the end-of-file markers, and are often collectively referred to as the white-space. Editor.NET has the option to display them, and to control their appearance.

Brace highlighting

Editor.NET supports highlighting of the matching braces. You can specify braces to be highlighted when caret is positioned on the open/closing brace, and highlighting to be removed after certain amount of time. This behavior is controlled by Braces property.

Line separator

It is possible to have lines of the editor separated by thin horizontal lines, and to have the current line highlighted. This behavior is controlled by the LineSeparator property.

*Line separator and brace matching are currently not available in WPF edition. 

Miscellaneous options

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