Editor.NET features

Roslyn-based C# and VB.NET parsers
Editor.NET 2.5 includes C# and VB.NET parsers based on .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") which provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs.
WinForms and WPF editions
Editor.NET is available in WinForms and WPF editions. WinForms and WPF editions share the same set of features such as syntax parsing, code completion, bookmarks and many others.
Syntax parsing
Editor.NET supports full syntax parsing for vast number of languages providing  features like code outlining, code formatting and code completion. Complete syntax parsing is supported for .NET languages such as C#, VB and J# as well as Ansi-C, VB Script, Java Script, SQL and XML.
Syntax highlighting
Editor.NET is designed to highlight syntax for virtually unlimited set of programming languages.
Code completion
Editor.Net supports code completion (intellisense), providing a convenient way to access available list of classes, methods, fields and other language symbols depending on the current context.
Code outlining
Outlining is a text navigation feature that can make navigation of large structured texts more comfortable and effective. Outline sections can be collapsed for viewing structure of the text being edited.
Code snippets
Editor.Net provides a way to insert frequently used fragments of the code into the editor by pressing Tab key after snippet shortcut or by executing code snippet popup window.
Line modificators
Editor.NET allows visually tracking modified lines allowing indicating lines that were changed since last saving.
Word wrap
Words can be automatically wrapped to the beginning of the next line when necessary. Word break occurs either at right edge of the SyntaxEdit control or the specified position.
Editor.NET supports a concept of text selection and a wide range of operations on it, including copy/pasting operations, drag-n-drop, indenting/outdenting, lowercasing/uppercasing, etc.
The gutter area can be used to display bookmarks, line numbers or outline sections.
Multiple views of the same text
You can edit the same text in several editors. Only one copy of the text is stored and the changes are automatically displayed in all linked editors.
Unlimited undo/redo
Undo allows rolling back changes made to the text. Undo limit, undo blocks, group undo and redo operation are supported.
Page layout (Winforms only)
Editor.NET supports page layout mode making it easy to see how text will be positioned on the printed page. Horizontal and vertical rulers are available and can be used to change page margins and other space settings.
You can change appearance and behavior of scrollbars allowing to visually scrolling Editor's content.
Split view
Editor.NET allows to visually splitting editor vertically and horizontally, providing different views for the same text content.
Bookmarks simplify navigation through the text. The bookmarks can be indexed or circular. Images can be displayed on the gutterto mark lines with the bookmarks.
Content dividers
Editor.NET provides content dividers allowing separating blocks of code.
User margin
User margin allows displaying custom information for separate lines in the SyntaxEdit control content.
Search and replace
All common search and replace operations are supported. You can specify various search/replace options, such as case sensitivity or search range. Editor.NET supports Incremental search that is performed on a letter-by-letter basis as you type the characters.
All string constant used in dialogs are localized to a few foreign languages.
Hyper text
Editor.NET allows highlighting urls displayed in the text, and navigating to these urls by launching default browser.
Editor.Net supports the spell-as-you-type spellchecker integration. (Third party software is required to perform actual word spelling).
Background and border
Transparent property allows displaying background image. Border can be painted using Windows themes.
Print and print preview
You can print content of the editor with different options, including color printing, printing of line numbers, page numbers and date-time.
SyntaxEdit control's content can be exported to Html, Rtf and XML. The usage of the XML format causes the entire state of the editor and all related components (text source and syntax parser) to be serialized/deserialized
Global settings (Winforms only)
Global settings are provided to share UI settings of the different editors in the application and to preserve UI settings between application sessions.
Miscellaneous options
White-space display, separating lines, highlighting matching braces and highlighting current line are supported.


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