Quantum Whale technology acquisition by AlterNET Software


I'd like to share important news with Quantum Whale community. 

After more than decade of Quantum Whale being an independent software vendor, it's IP has been acquired by an Australian company AlterNET Software

AlterNET software incorporated Editor.NET and Scripter.NET products as integral parts in their Extensibility Studio - a complete solution to extend WinForms or WPF application with user-defined logic.
I'm also pleased to inform that AlterNET Software has retained all our development and support staff, which combined with their own resources will allow to take these products a lot further.

The acquisition happened earlier in 2016, it's been decided to keep these news private until this work is done and there is some tangible outcome.
AlterNET software will be offering free upgrades for the customers with active subscription of Editor.NET and Scripter.NET products to AlterNET CodeEditor and AlterNET Scripter respectively. Very soon these customers will be receiving emails from AlterNET software with the information about these products and the license keys.

We will be continuing supporting existing Editor.NET and Scripter.NET customers, but eventually all support channels will be moved to AlterNET Software. 
With Scheduler.NET we did not have much traction and it will be discontinued.

My personal role will remain more or less the same, and I will be the front line of the customer support and communication.

With best regards,
Andrew Medvedev

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