Editor.NET 2.5 released


Today we're announcing immediate availability of the new version of Editor.NET component library.

The main focus of this release is providing full-compatibility with Visual Studio 2015 and further enhancing C# and VB.NET parsers based on Microsoft Roslyn .NET compiler.

Here is list of other new features and bug fixes:

New Features :

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2015.
  • Option to optimize Textsource content for memory usage.
  • Ability to highlight references in WPF edition.
  • Different highlighting for warnings/errors/information diagnostics.

Roslyn - based parsers

  • Support for Roslyn 1.0.0 public release.
  • Formatting case of reserved words and spacing when editing VB.NET code.
  • Automatic generating of swith statement for enum variables when using switch snippet in C#.
  • Code snippets for VbParser.
  • Support for region outlining.
  • Code completion for untyped variables.

Bug Fixes :

  • Bug with VB parser linecontinuation.
  • Bug with code completion for property with "Private" set modifier in VB parser.
  • Minor bugs related to code completion with Roslyn parsers.
Learn more about Editor.NET here.


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