Editor.NET 2.4 released


We're glad to announce that new version of Editor.NET component library has been just made available for immediate download.

The main focus of this release is further enhancing C# and introducing VB.NET parsers based on Microsoft Roslyn .NET compiler.

Here is list of other new features and bug fixes:

New Features :

  • Highlight References.
  • Support for Windows 8.1.
  • Filter out code completion content when typing.
  • Support for T4 Parser.

Roslyn parsers (technology preview).:

  • VB parser with advanced features like statement highlighting, statement completion.
  • Search, bookmarks and intelissense across multiple documents.
  • Code completion for expressions.
  • Code completion for overridable methods.
  • Code Completion for LINQ and lambda expressions.
  • Code completion for untyped variables.

Bug Fixes :

  • Editor.NET GDI leaks.
  • Bug with parameter info under WPF.
  • Bug with VB property attributes.
  • Bug with VB autoimplemented properties.
  • Bug with VB generic class\interface declaration.
  • Bug with VB anonymous types initialization.
  • Bug with VB With statement.
  • Bug with VB array declaration.
  • Bug with VB OrderBy, From, For Each, Try\Catch, Do Loop statements.
  • Bug with VB named parameters.
Learn more about Editor.NET here.


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