Editor.NET 2.3 release


We're glad to inform that new version of Editor.NET component library has been rolled out.

The main focus of this release is updated look and feel to match Visual Studio 2013 code editor and a technology preview of C# parser based on Microsoft Roslyn .NET compiler.

Here is list of other new features and bug fixes:

New Features :

  • Support for parsing async/await in C# parser.
  • Look and feel close to Visual Studio 2013 editor.
  • Support for multiple lines text typing when selecting vertical block.
  • Support for C# parser using Roslyn techology (technology preview).
  • Reference documentation for WPF version.

Bug Fixes :

  • Bug with autocompletion for nested "for each" statements.
  • Bug with collapsing outlining regions for VB and C# property.
  • Bug with incorrect cursor position in WPF when mouse click.
  • Bug in Find/Replace dialog.
  • Bug with code completion box in WPF version.
Learn more about Editor.NET here.


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