Editor.NET 2.0 release


We're glad to announce new version of Editor.NET component library.

The new version comes with WPF support, and is available in  WinForms, WPF and all-in-one editions.

Here is list of other improvements and bug fixes:

New Features

  • Preselecting most suitable overload method in parameter tooltip.
  • Support for implicit line continuation in VB parser.
  • Support for auto properties in VB parser.
  • Support for collection initializers in VB parser.
  • Support for implicit line continuation in VB parser.
Bug fixes 
  • Bug with With statement in VB parser.
  • Bug with missing extension methods when displaying code completion listbox.
  • Bug with displaying generic methods when System.Collections is used.
  • Bug with deleting text to the right of the caret when invoking code completion.
  • Bug with dislaying protected methods after base expression.
  • Incorrect behaviour with displaying parameter tooltip when typing decimal point.
  • Bug with regions breaking intellisense logic.
Learn more about Editor.NET here.  

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