Editor.NET 1.63 released


New version of Editor.NET component library is out

Here is what's new in 1.63: 

New Features

  • Support for LINQ in VB.NET parser.
  • Support for lambda and anonymous expressions in VB.NET parser.
  • Improvements in demo projects and installation.
Bug fixes 
  • Incorrect drawing of line numbers.
  • Bug with calculating scrollbars size when scrolling to the end of the document.
  • Incorrect processing of Shift+Tab key stroke.
  • Incorrect navigation through words.
  • Bug with dragging when using non-monospaced fonts.
  • Bug with thread synchronization when parsing text.
  • Bug with displaying method tooltip when VBParser is used.
  • Bug with sort order for intellisense members.
Learn more about Editor.NET here. 

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