Editor.NET 1.62 is out


We're glad to announce new service pack release of Editor.NET component library.

Here is what's new in 1.62:

New Features

  • DeselectOnDrag Selection option forcing editor to clear selection when drag finishes.
  • Click and ShowTooltip events added to IBookmarks interface.
  • Optimization of Braces highlighting on large text.
Bug fixes
  • Bug with GDI resource leak.
  • Bug with drawing ascent character when printing/previewing.
  • Bug with editor crashes when closing.
  • Bug with crash when displaying code completion for extension methods.
  • Bug with parsing TypeOfIs expression when VBParser is used.
  • Bug with code completion for namespaces.
  • Bug with displaying method tooltip when VBParser is used.
Learn more about Editor.NET here.

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