Editor.NET 1.61 public release


We're pleased to announce new public release of Editor.NET component library.

Here is what's new in 1.61:

New Features

  • Parsing can work in separate thread.
  • Conditional defines evaluation and highlighting for C#/VB/Ansi C parsers.
  • HTMLScript parser for highlighting HTML with javascript blocks.
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4.0 (full solution and client profile)
  • Extension Methods added to intellisense.
  • Code completion outside method scope in C#/VB parsers.

Bug fixes
  • Bug with trial version not working when writing to registry is not allowed.
  • Bug with GDI resource leak.
  • Bug with word selection when dblclicking on white spaces.
  • Ansi C parser multiple bug fixes and enhancements : attribute parsing, bool extensions, string concatenation, typedefs parsing.
  • Javascript parser multiple bug fixes and enhancements: void type casting, object initializer statement, return statement terminator, regular expressions parsing, and/or/assign statements.
  • Bug with code completion decriptions for .NET framework classes when non-english locale is used.
  • Bug with code completion for catch variable in C# and VB parsers.
  • Bug with pointer member access expressions in C# parser.
  • Bug with code completion for default properties in VB.
  • Bug with code completion when regions are used.
  • Bug with code completion for variable initalizator and assignment statements in VBScript parser.
  • Bug with code completion for DirectCast, Cast and CType in VBScript parser.
  • Bug with code completion for function parameters and results in VB parser.
  • Bug with preselecting type when displaying code completion for new statement in C#/VB parsers.
  • Bug with displaying code snippets.

Learn more about Editor.NET here.

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