Editor.NET 1.55 is out


We're glad to announce new release (service pack) of Editor.NET component library.

Here is what's new in 1.55:

New Features

  • Whitespace.LongSpaceSymbol property added to replace long space with user-defined symbol when drawing.

Bug fixes

  • Memory leaks reduced.
  • Bug with mouse wheel scrolling on some PCs.
  • Bug with painting in page breaks/page view mode.
  • Bug with drag-n-drop text.
  • Bug with search-replace.
  • minor issues with VB, C#, Parser and XML parsers fixed.
  • Bug with deleting text when inserting item from code completing listbox.
  • Bug with displaying generic types in code completion listbox.
  • Minor code completion issues fixed.

Learn more about Editor.NET here.


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