Editor.NET 1.53 is released


We're glad to announce New Year release of Editor.NET component library.

Here is what's new in 1.53:

New Features

  • LineSpace property added to control space between lines.
  • SpellDelimiters property added to better control spelling algorithm.
  • Added BeginUpdate/EndUpdate method to SyntaxEdit class.
  • Added support for generic types in VB parser.
  • Redesigned Syntax Builder dialog.

Bug fixes

  • Bug with modified state when undoing changes after the document is saved.
  • Bug with incorrect displaying long space character (/U+3000).
  • Bug with parsing query expression related keywords in C# parser.
  • Stack overflow exception with "With" statement in VB parser.
  • Bug with searching through enumerations in code completion listbox.
  • Bug with displaying description for method parameter in code completion hint.
  • Bug with caret still displayed in the editor when code completion looses focus due to switching to other application.
  • Bug with code completion for nested "With" statement in VB parser.
  • Bug with code completion for array types in VB parser.
  • Bug with displaying all/common tabs for code snippets in VB parser.

Note: We've changed Readonly property of SyntaxEdit class to ReadOnly to be compliant with TextBox class. It might cause problems with compiling existing projects, so we apologize for any inconvenience.

Learn more about Editor.NET here.


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