Editor.NET 1.51 is released


We're glad to inform that new version of Editor.NET component library is available.

Here is what's new in version 1.51

New Features :

  • New design with extensive usage of interfaces and generics.
  • Reviewed Search/Replace dialog.
  • C# 3.0 features added, including LINQ support.
  • ANSI C syntax parser.
  • Ability to format spaces between operators.
  • VBParser/VBScriptParser error notification when expression is terminated with line break.
  • Templates for xml comments.
  • Code completion for overriden methods/properties.
  • Tabs with common/all members in code completion list box.

Bug Fixes :

  • Bug with deleting bookmarks when performing block operations such as indenting, lowercasing, capitalizing, etc.
  • Bug with editor serialization in xml.
  • Bug with code completion snippets.
  • Bug with code completion within With statement.
  • Bug with code completion within Try/EndTry statement.
  • Bug with attributes inside enumerations.
  • Bug with global keyword in C# parser.
  • Bug with Redim statement in VB parser.
  • Bug with In expression in MSSQL parser.
  • Minor code completion issues.

Learn more about Editor.NET here.

*.NET Framework 1.1/Visual Studio 2003 is no longer supported

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