Editor.NET 1.50 beta is out


We're glad to inform that new version of Editor.NET component library is available.
We expect to have the final available release shortly, and the price will be changed to $299. All existing customers will get an update for free, so order now and save!

Here is what's new in version 1.50 beta:

New Features :

  • New design with extensive usage of interfaces and generics.
  • Reviewed Search/Replace dialog.
  • C# 3.0 features added, including LINQ support.
  • ANSI C syntax parser.
  • Ability to format spaces between operators.
  • VBParser/VBScriptParser error notification when expression is terminated with line break.
  • Templates for xml comments.
  • Code completion for overriden methods/properties.
  • Tabs with common/all members in code completion list box.

Bug Fixes :

  • Bug with deleting bookmarks when performing block operations such as indenting, lowercasing, capitalizing, etc.
  • Bug with editor serialization in xml.
  • Bug with code completion snippets.
  • Bug with code completion within With statement.
  • Bug with code completion within Try/EndTry statement.
  • Minor code completion issues.

Learn more about Editor.NET here.

*Please be aware that due to changes in a component design we're releasing a beta version first; final release should come shortly.
*.NET Framework 1.1/Visual Studio 2003 is no longer supported

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